Shrub Nutrition


NUTRIPOD® IS DESIGNED TO BE SIMPLE AND SUSTAINABLE. Nutrients are crucial when planting new shrubs to aid their successful growth! Accurate measurement can be challenging, irritating, and not always precise. Over-application or under-application can adversely affect your shrubs and the environment. NutriPod® was explicitly designed to dissolve and release just the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth. With NutriPod®, you can feel confident that you're providing exactly what your shrubs need without causing any environmental harm due to waste.

  • Easy to use, throw and grow!
  • No Runoff
  • Zero waste: each package comes with 16 premeasured nutritional pods.
  • NutriPod® helps grow shrubs up to two times faster.
  • NutriPod® slow-release mixture will last up to 45 days.
  • NutriPod® naturally dissolves, leaving no waste.
  • The convenience of premeasured pods saves gardeners time and effort in measuring and applying fertilizer, making gardening more enjoyable and less labor-intensive.
  • With zero waste and biodegradable components, NutriPod® supports your eco-conscious gardening efforts, ensuring that you're contributing to the health of the planet while nurturing your garden.


Shrubs are vital to a balanced ecosystem. They improve air quality, absorb greenhouse gases, and aid groundwater preservation. Their roots combat erosion, while their leaves diminish rain impact. By generating clean oxygen, these shrubs protect you and the planet. Be proud of your cultivation efforts!

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