Grass Plug Nutrition

NutriPod®, designed to be simple and sustainable. Measuring can be difficult, annoying and most times not exact. Applying too much or too little fertilizer to your grass plugs can have negative impacts on your planting and on the environment. NutriPod® pods are premeasured nutrition to ensure your SodPods® grass plugs get just what they need and nothing more. Your project will have zero waste. These simple to use pods help your grass plugs grow in 2 times faster. This slow-release product will last up to 45 days. It's so easy, just throw one NutriPod® in each grass plug hole and watch them grow!
  • Easy to use, just throw and grow!
  • Zero waste, each package comes with 16 premeasured nutritional pods.
  • NutriPod® helps grow SodPods grass plugs 2 times faster
  • NutriPod® slow-release mixture will last up to 45 days.
  • NutriPod® naturally dissolve, leaving no waste.


As a living plant, natural grass is part of a thriving environment. Studies show real grass improves air quality, controls soil erosion, and protects groundwater. Real grass also improves mental well-being, cools urban heat, improves natural resource quality, and generates clean oxygen for the world to breathe. Feel good about caring for your new grass, it cares for you and the planet.

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