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NutriPod® Grass Plug Nutrition Fertilizer

NutriPod® is designed to be simple and sustainable. Measuring can be difficult and annoying, and most of the time, it is not exact. Applying too much or too little fertilizer to your grass plugs can negatively impact your planting and the environment. NutriPod® pods are premeasured nutrition to ensure your SodPods® grass plugs get just what they need and nothing more. Your project will have zero waste. These simple-to-use pods help your grass plugs grow up to two times faster. This slow-release product will last up to 45 days. It's so easy; just throw one NutriPod® in each grass plug-hole and watch them grow! 

  • Easy to use, throw and grow!
  • Zero waste: each package comes with 16 premeasured nutritional pods.
  • NutriPod® fertilizer helps grow SodPods grass plugs up to two times faster.
  • NutriPod® slow-release mixture will last up to 45 days.
  • NutriPod® naturally dissolves, leaving no waste.
  • NutriPod® is precisely formulated to match the nutritional needs of SodPods® grass plugs, ensuring your new lawn gets off to the best start without the guesswork involved in traditional fertilizing methods.
  • Quick, healthy growth of new grass plugs with NutriPod® can rapidly improve the aesthetics of your property, potentially increasing its value and enhancing the overall look of your community.
  • A healthy, vibrant lawn invites more outdoor activity, promotes physical health, and offers a space for relaxation and recreation for families. 


As a living organism, natural grass provides numerous environmental and health benefits that enhances our surroundings. Here's how: 

  • Air Quality Improvement: Grass serves as a natural air filter, trapping dust, smoke particles, and other pollutants, which results in cleaner and healthier air.
  • Cooling Effect: Grass reduces urban temperatures by transpiring water, providing a cool oasis in concrete areas.
  • Erosion Control: The natural grass root systems anchor soil, prevent erosion, floods, and maintain landscape integrity.
  • Groundwater Recharge: Grass areas promote groundwater recharge and reduce surface runoff by efficiently absorbing rainwater.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Research has shown that spending time in natural green spaces can reduce stress and improve mental well-being.
  • Oxygen Production: An average lawn produces enough oxygen daily to support four to eight people in urban environments, showcasing the vital role of grass. 

Why NutriPod® Grass Plug Nutrition Fertilizer is the Smart Choice for Your Lawn 

NutriPod®'s innovative pre-measured fertilizer pods eliminate the guesswork from lawn maintenance. Designed for use with SodPods® grass plugs, these fertilizer pods ensure your new grass gets precisely what it needs, without the mess or waste of traditional fertilizing methods.  

NutriPod® Grass Plug Nutrition supports the robust growth of your lawn and the planet. The pods naturally dissolve, leaving no residue or waste—just nutrient-rich fertilizer that benefits your grass and the environment. By choosing Grass Plug Nutrition, you're opting for a sustainable, efficient solution that simplifies lawn care and enhances your property's value and beauty. 

A lush, vibrant lawn is more than just attractive. It encourages outdoor activities, provides a safe space for family fun, and contributes to overall health and well-being. With NutriPod® Grass Plug Nutrition, achieving and maintaining such a lawn is incredibly simple. 

Choose Health, Efficiency, and Simplicity. Choose NutriPod® Fertilizer for your Grass Plugs!


FAQs about NutriPod® Fertilizers 

What makes NutriPod® fertilizer better for grass plugs than traditional fertilizers? 

NutriPod® fertilizers are pre-measured, ensuring that each grass plug receives the exact amount of nutrients it needs without the risk of over or under-fertilization. This precision prevents nutrient waste and environmental damage, making it a more sustainable choice. 

How often should I use NutriPod® fertilizers on my grass plugs? 

NutriPod® fertilizers are specifically formulated for use at the time of planting. They are designed to support the initial establishment of grass plugs by providing essential nutrients early on. 

Can NutriPod® fertilizer be used on any grass plug? 

Yes, NutriPod® fertilizer is universally formulated to meet the nutritional needs of various grass plugs. Its balanced nutrient mix supports robust growth across different grass species, making it versatile for lawn care. 

How do NutriPod® fertilizers impact the local water supply? 

NutriPod® fertilizers are designed to reduce runoff, a common issue with granular fertilizers that can lead to water pollution. By providing slow-release, precise nutrition, NutriPod® minimizes the impact on local waterways, helping to protect our natural water resources. 

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