Palm Nutrition

NutriPod®, designed to be simple and sustainable.

Nutrients are vital when planting new palm trees to help your new palms thrive. Measuring these nutrients can be challenging, tedious, and only sometimes exact. Applying too much or too little can harm your palms and the planet. NutriPod® was explicitly designed to dissolve and release nutrients for successful growth. With NutriPod®, you can feel confident you're providing exactly what your palms need without negatively impacting the environment with waste.

  • Easy to use, just throw and grow!
  • Zero waste, each package comes with 16 premeasured nutritional pods.
  • NutriPod® helps grow palm plants 2 times faster
  • NutriPod® slow-release mixture will last up to 45 days.
  • NutriPod® naturally dissolve, leaving no waste.


As thriving life forms, palm trees significantly contribute to a healthy environment. Research indicates they enhance air quality through carbon sequestration, a process where they absorb copious amounts of CO2 and release oxygen. Their deep, robust roots prevent soil erosion and contribute to land stability, especially in areas prone to floods or landslides. By nurturing your new palm trees, you're not just caring for them, but also supporting your well-being and the health of the planet.

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