NutriPod® Expands Range with New Lawn Fertilizers

NutriPod® continues to innovate and fulfill its promise of delivering a comprehensive lawn care solution for homeowners and professionals by launching our new range of fertilizer products. These additions cater to various plant types, ensuring every garden and lawn gets the specific nourishment it needs.

Expanding beyond our well-received fertilizer for grass plugs, NutriPod® now offers fertilizers specifically formulated for palm trees, veggies, shrubs, and annuals. This comprehensive range ensures that all aspects of your outdoor space, from the grass underfoot to the prettiest palms, receive the essential nutrients for optimal growth.

What is NutriPod® Fertilizer?

Our unique plant nutrition system and innovative design are at the core of our offerings. NutriPod® consists of fertilizer granules encased in a fully soluble material, which allows for a gradual and steady release of nutrients, providing plants with sustained feeding over time.

Each pre-measured fertilizer pod delivers benefits that extend beyond conventional fertilizers. It ensures precise nutrition with no waste, while its easy drop-and-grow feature eases application: simply dig a hole, drop a NutriPod®, insert the plant, and water.

As the casing and nutrients gradually dissolve, NutriPod® provides nutrients directly into the root zone for plant uptake. This slow-release mechanism provides long-lasting effects of up to 45 days, reducing the need for frequent lawn fertilizer applications over the course of a season.


NutriPod®—Simple and Sustainable Way to Nourish Your Plants

Overall, the specific nutrient formulations of each NutriPod® alleviate concerns about over or under-fertilization. By providing the exact nutrients your plants require, you can confidently feed them with precision, reducing the risks of environmental damage. With NutriPod®, it's about feeding your plants exactly what they need, when needed, without compromising effectiveness or the risks of nutrient waste or leaching away.

NutriPod® is available in a wide range of options for homeowners and professionals. For homeowners, we offer fertilizers for grass plugs, annuals, veggies, palm trees, and flowering shrubs, each in packs of 16 pre-measured pods. These lawn care solutions allow you to maintain a healthy lawn and provide precise plant nutrition easily.

Meanwhile, we provide bulk fertilizers for annuals, palms, and shrubs for professionals. These formulations are available in buckets, each containing approximately 126 fertilizer pods, enabling installers and landscapers to effectively manage large-scale projects while ensuring the same level of precision and effectiveness in plant nutrition.


Shop NutriPod® Fertilizer

NutriPod® is a leader in providing tailored, eco-friendly fertilizer solutions for homeowners and professionals alike. With our range of pre-measured pods and bulk options, your plants are sure to receive the precise nutrients they need for healthy growth while minimizing environmental impact.

Visit our website to explore our full range of lawn fertilizer options today and discover how NutriPod® can help you cultivate a healthy, green lawn.

The traditional methods of fertilizing plants can often be messy, inaccurate, and detrimental to the ecosystem.

Enter NutriPod®, a revolutionary solution that simplifies plant nutrition while being environmentally responsible.