Should You Fertilize Before Planting Grass Plugs?

Starting your lawn off right is all about preparation, and using the correct fertilizer at the right time is crucial.

Fertilizing is essential for keeping an established lawn looking healthy and lush. But what about brand-new grass plugs? The short answer is yes.

Why You Should Fertilize New Grass Plugs

Whether you're laying sod, planting grass from seed, or installing grass plugs, giving your soil a boost of nutrients will give your lawn the necessary push to grow into a lush, green lawn.

When you install grass plugs, your soil may not have all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Lawn fertilizers provide the nutrients your soil lacks, giving your grass the best possible start. These essential nutrients help the grass plugs adapt their roots to their new environment, allowing them to establish faster and effectively crowd out weeds.

Moreover, a well-fed lawn is more resistant to heat, drought, pests, and diseases, ensuring your new grass plugs have the best chance of growing into a healthy lawn.


When is the Best Time to Fertilize Your New Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn requires a specific approach, particularly regarding timing, to ensure that the grass receives the nutrients it requires when it needs them most. Proper timing is also crucial to prevent over-fertilization and avoid the risks of excess fertilizer running off and leaching into waterways.

Fertilize Before Planting Grass Plugs and 6-8 Weeks After

We recommend applying fertilizer before planting grass plugs to prime the soil with essential nutrients and ensure the grass can readily access these elements as it adapts to its new environment. After 6-8 weeks, consider a follow-up fertilizer application to provide an extra boost of nutrients for sustained, vigorous grass growth and healthy root development.

Adjust Fertilizing Schedule Based On Your Grass Type

The best time to plant warm-season grasses like Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia varieties is from late spring to early summer. Because these grasses are most actively growing during the warmer months, planting during this period allows the grass plugs to develop strong roots before the peak of summer. Supplementing your new grass with fertilizer can contribute to healthier growth and increased tolerance to drought and foot traffic.

Apply Fertilizer Four Weeks After Weed Treatment

If you're using herbicides to manage broadleaf weeds, it's generally recommended that you wait at least four weeks before adding fertilizer to your lawn. This allows the herbicides to work effectively without any interference from the fertilizer. It also ensures that the chemicals have had enough time to dissipate before introducing grass plugs, preventing damage to your new grass.

How to Choose the Best Fertilizer for Your Lawn

Selecting the right fertilizer for grass plugs is crucial for their successful establishment and long-term health. Although optional, conducting a soil test before fertilizing can provide insights into soil pH levels and nutrient composition. It identifies any nutritional deficiencies and excesses—valuable information for choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn.

In addition to the soil test results, it's crucial to factor in your grass's specific needs based on its developmental stage. For example, because grass plugs are practically sections of mature grass with deep root growth, they can benefit from a lawn fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content to boost leaf growth and overall establishment.

Phosphorus and potassium also provide essential nutrients that support overall plant health. Whereas phosphorus encourages healthy root growth, potassium helps improve drought tolerance and disease resistance so your lawn remains healthy and vibrant.


Nourish Your Lawn with NutriPod® Grass Plug Fertilizer

NutriPod® is a lawn fertilizer formulated for grass plugs. It provides a convenient and precise way to add nutrients to your new lawn. Its pre-measured granules come in dissolvable pods, allowing for easy and exact application with its throw-and-grow design.

Because each pod provides the exact amount of granular fertilizers needed for your lawn, NutriPod® guarantees minimal waste, avoiding excess application—a common issue with liquid fertilizers. To use NutriPod®, drop each pod into the hole before planting the grass plugs.

With a balanced 17-1-10 NPK ratio, NutriPod® delivers the ideal nutrients for grass plugs, supporting their establishment and growth. This carefully formulated ratio ensures the new grass receives the necessary nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to encourage strong root development and overall lawn health.

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