Floratam Grass Plug/NutriPod Bundle


Kick off your SodPods planting right with this bundle. The Floratam grass plugs and NutriPod Bundle includes 16/32/64 SodPods and NutriPods.

  • 2 Great Products, 1 Great Experience
  • Full lawn value in a pod ships exactly what you need in each case. 
  • SodPods grass plugs measure 3 in. x 3 in. 
  • Great for the environment, SodPods generate oxygen and provide a safe play area for your loved ones
  • SodPods' established roots mean less water and maximum success
  • NutriPods are easy to use place one in each hole, plant your SodPods grass plug and grow!
  • NutriPods have 0 waste, grow SodPods 2 times faster and last 45 days.

 About Floratam™ St Augustine Grass 

Floratam™ St. Augustine Grass Plugs is a coarse, vigorous variety of St. Augustine grass that thrives in warmer climates, requiring more than 6 hours of daily sunlight. Its broad leaves create a plush look. Perfect for a sunny lawn, Floratam™ is also the most drought tolerant St. Augustine variety on the market.

  • Minimum 4-hour-6-hours of sunlight per day for best results
  • Affordable – each 8-pack covers 18 sq. ft.
  • Easy to install for repair or improvement of your existing lawn, SodPods are also used for planting new lawns
  • Floratam™ is a broad bladed, medium green colored grass
  • Floratam™ is heat tolerant and has a great tolerance for humidity
  • Floratam™ Grass Plugs are affordable – each 8-pack covers 18 sq. ft.


Planting Grass Plugs with NutriPod: 

Step 1:

Create holes 12-18 inches on the center apart. 

Step 2:

Throw one NutriPod in each hole.

Step 3:

Plant the SodPod in the hole, packing dirt around so there are no air pockets.

Step 4:

Water and watch them grow.

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