LOOK: Professional Fertilizer Solutions from NutriPod®

NutriPod®, known for its range of slow-release fertilizers catering to various plants, from grass to vegetables and flowers, now offers large bucket options specifically designed for landscape professionals. Our new offering includes fertilizers for annuals, shrubs, and palms, with 126 fertilizer pods in each bucket. It marks a significant upgrade from our 16-pod fertilizer bags. With this professional option, NutriPod® aims to provide landscape experts with a more effective solution for large-scale plant nutrition.

Introducing NutriPod® Fertilizer Buckets for Landscapers

Each bucket maintains the brand’s just throw and grow promise. It contains our dissolvable pods, consisting of slow-release fertilizer granules, to be used during planting as part of soil preparation. The pods include premeasured fertilizer granules with a balanced NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) ratio tailored to specific plant types. 

For example, our fertilizer for annuals has a 5-8-8 NPK ratio, designed to boost flowering and root development in annual plants. The NutriPod® shrub fertilizer boasts a 12-3-12 ratio to support vigorous growth and foliage, while the palm fertilizer features an 8-2-12 ratio, catering to the specific nutritional needs of palm trees.

The granular fertilizers are coated with a semi-permeable substance activated by water, which dissolves at a slow rate, releasing nutrients into the soil for up to 45 days. Overall, its slow-release formula aligns nutrient availability with your plant’s needs, supporting optimal growth without the risks of over-fertilizing and nutrient leaching.


5 Benefits of NutriPod® for Landscape Professionals


Our slow-release formula with NutriPod® provides plants with precise nutrition, ensuring they receive the right amount of nutrients over time. This precision helps prevent the risks of using too much fertilizer, contributing to healthier plant growth and reducing environmental impact.

Reduces Labor

The premeasured pods simplify fertilizing, saving landscape professionals time and effort. Instead of measuring fertilizer manually, you can simply place the pods in the soil, allowing for a more efficient workflow and reducing labor costs.


The slow-release technology reduces the risk of nutrients leaching into surrounding waterways, making it an eco-friendly option. The slow nutrient release aligns with the plant’s growth cycle, maximizing nutrition absorption and reducing waste.


By providing a steady supply of nutrients over an extended period, NutriPod® reduces the need for frequent fertilizer applications. This saves time and labor and reduces the overall cost of fertilizer, making it a cost-effective solution for landscape professionals.

Long-Term Health

A consistent, controlled nutrient supply promotes long-term plant health. Healthy plants are more resilient to pests, weeds, diseases, and environmental stresses, creating a denser and more sustainable landscape.


Our commitment to solving the fertilization challenges homeowners and professionals face is evident in our high-quality products and innovative solutions. By offering precise plant nutrition in convenient, larger bucket options, NutriPod® ensures that landscape experts can easily maintain lush, healthy landscapes and guarantee satisfaction among their clients.

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The traditional methods of fertilizing plants can often be messy, inaccurate, and detrimental to the ecosystem.

Enter NutriPod®, a revolutionary solution that simplifies plant nutrition while being environmentally responsible.