What Goes First: Mowing or Fertilizing?

As spring breathes new life into your surroundings, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your outdoor space. Getting your lawn back on a routine this season sets the stage for healthy growth for the rest of the year. A fresh trim and a nourishing feed are essential to kickstart the new growing season. However, to maximize their effectiveness, it’s crucial to do them in the right order.

Always Mow Your Lawn Before Fertilizing

Like in everything else, proper timing is essential in lawn care. For best results, it’s advisable to mow your lawn before fertilizing it. Mowing first removes overgrown grass and clears away debris, which allows the lawn fertilizer to spread more evenly and penetrate the soil more effectively. This contributes to stronger root development and denser grass growth.

After mowing your lawn, it’s best to wait at least a day or two before fertilizing. This allows the grass to recover from the stress of being cut and lower the risks of fertilizer burn. Additionally, if you’re leaving grass clippings as mulch and then fertilize immediately, the fertilizers can clump on the surface instead of reaching the soil effectively where they are needed most. This results in an uneven application and patchy growth.

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Can You Mow and Fertilize On The Same Day?

While it’s generally recommended to mow your lawn a few days before fertilizing, it’s possible to do both on the same day. The key is to never cut your grass immediately after fertilizing. Instead, always mow before fertilizing. Freshly applied grass fertilizer needs time to settle and absorb into the soil. Mowing too soon or right after fertilizing can disturb this process, leading to uneven distribution of nutrients and potentially reducing their effectiveness.

Even if you mow and fertilize on the same day, it’s important to space these activities appropriately to avoid issues like fertilizer burn. Make sure the grass is dry before applying the fertilizer to prevent clumping and ensure that the fertilizer is evenly spread. Additionally, be mindful of the type of fertilizer you use and follow package instructions for application rates and methods.

Wait Until Your Lawn Starts to Green Up Before Mowing or Fertilizing in Spring

While you look forward to sprucing up your outdoor space in spring, it’s advisable to avoid mowing or fertilizing dormant grass since it’s not actively growing during this period. Mowing can stress the grass blades, which are already in a weakened state due to dormancy, risking potential damage.

Additionally, because dormant grass isn't actively growing, it isn't absorbing nutrients for growth, rendering fertilizers less effective. It's best to wait until the grass begins to green up again before mowing or fertilizing to prevent undue stress and maximize nutrient absorption.


When to Apply Grass Fertilizer in Spring

Now that you know when to mow—before fertilizing, but not when the grass is dormant—you should also be aware that you have options regarding when you can apply fertilizer. One option is to apply fertilizer before you install grass plugs.

Planting grass plugs in the spring allows you to rejuvenate your lawn, helping it recover from the wear and tear of the previous seasons and accelerating spring growth. This timing also provides enough time for your lawn to establish before the peak of summer heat.

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